Star of Canaan Dance International Ballet Competition 2018 Malaysia
Tickets RM80
19 December 2018
The Temple of Fine Arts, Kuala Lumpur View Map
2 Shows - 2.00pm & 7.30pm

Star of Canaan Dance International Ballet Competition 2018 Malaysia

Canaan is a beautiful place which is so resourceful that it becomes an endless provider. It is a blessed land that nurtures beauty and kindness. I hope I can contribute to the society through hosting international competitions in Hong Kong with the aim to discover talents in dance and nurture them into great dancers by which building a strong foundation for nurturing more outstanding world class dancers in the long run.

Star of Canaan, “Star” means the horizons that all dancers pursue and dream of egardless of their age or ability. Star is literally the shining star up above the sky that is beyond our reach. “Star” therefore resembles the ultimate goal all dancers are pursuing which is the “state of perfection” in dance. Despite all hardship and difficulties, we still persist on and strive to be closer to such “Star”, trying our best to pursue the “state of perfection”. This “Star” leads us to our way of success and guides us to feel the true essence of dance; it also symbolizes the kind of motivation we need.

Star of Canaan Dance Competition is a stage for all future great dancers, may all young dance talents showcase your knowledge and skills in dance. On this stage, each competitor is a winner, as you all dance for the “state of perfection” that you envision! Only those who surpass themselves and showcase the true essence they learn from dance can win the audience cheer and applaud. “Challenge yourself, inspire others” is the aim of SCD IBC let each dancer to showcase their talents and attain the horizons which is hard to reach. The tough training you go through, the great effort that you pay and the pain that you tolerate; may you all share your feeling and experience with us here. Do challenge yourself, surpass yourself and dance with confidence; that is what we as audience what to see.

May all of us feel the passion you have for dance! May today become the starting point for tomorrow! At this moment, may all dancers enjoy the joy comes from dance.


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2.00pm Ensemble, Junior A and B Final Competition RM80
7.30pm Closing Ceremony RM120

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