Teater Tanah Akhirku
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28th Aug - 1st Sep 2018
Panggung Sari, Istana Budaya, Kuala Lumpur View Map
28th August - 1st Sep (8.30 pm)

"Tanah Akhirku" is a merdeka theatre about unity and patriotism, set against the backdrop of a Chinese tin mining community in Nanyang. In Nanyang, the coolies from China and India are being exploited to make money for the British colonists while the local Malay royalties who defend the interest of native Malays too suffer from "power grab" by the British.

Oppressed under the "divide and rule" tactic of the cunning British colonist, the people of different backgrounds who speak different languages put aside their differences, prioritize harmony to win against racism, injustice and dominance of corrupted power.


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