01 Garmin The Performance Series Road Race 2: Progress

Progress, look back at how far you have come in your #TranscendYourself journey with The Performance Series - Singapore 2019 Road Race 2. Step out and challenge yourself to a 5km, 10km or 21km run/walk, complete it with the best of your efforts and receive awesome finisher entitlements!
[About The Performance Series]
TPS is a series of running races throughout 2019 around Singapore’s landmarks.

The key objective is to promote a CONSISTENT healthy lifestyle through the appreciation of landmarks in Singapore within the local and foreign/expatriate community.

This series is first of its kind by encouraging individuals of all levels, from non-active to leisure to competitive, to have a schedule of races to work towards and progress along with the series.

[2019 Series at a glance]
The 4th edition of The Performance Series will feature 3 Road Races and 2 Virtual Challenges. Participants will be able to motivate, prepare and test themselves throughout the year, before wrapping up the year with their goal achievement! Stay tuned for more information!

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