Rugby Sevens is played on a full-size pitch by teams of seven players. The games are much shorter in duration compared to the traditional 15's rugby, with each half lasting seven minutes.

With fewer players and shorter games, on-pitch battles are fast and furious are there is more space for the players to express themselves, which deliver more excitement for fans. Fancy dress has become synonymous with Rugby Sevens with rugby-themed games and kid-friendly activities a common sight around the stadium for everyone to embrace and celebrate the sport. With a carnival atmosphere, Rugby Sevens provides an enjoyable and fun experience for every member of the family, rugby fan or not.

New Zealand has by far been the dominant force in the HSBC World Rugby Sevens Series, which was inaugurated in 1999, winning 12 out of the 19 seasons. However, other teams such as Fiji, USA, Australia and defending champions, South Africa, have emerged as forces to be reckoned with.


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At what age is a guest required to have a ticket?

Youth aged four and above will be required to have a ticket, with this being determined by age on 10 October 2020.

“Adult” is age 18 and above as determined by their age on 10 October 2020.

“Youth” is age 4-18 years (inclusive) as determined by their age on 10 October 2020.

“Family package” is made up of at least two adults and two youths.

For 2020, gates open at 830am on Day 1 and 10:30 am on Day 2, with first kick-offs an hour after gates open.

The final match of Day 1 is scheduled to end at 7:55 pm while the tournament is scheduled to end at 7:28 pm on Day 2.

Yes, there is unlimited re-entry to the HSBC Singapore Rugby Sevens. A wristband will be handed out upon first entry past the turnstiles on each day.
The HSBC Singapore Rugby Sevens is held at a non-smoking venue.


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