01 One Minute to Midnight - An Eco-Musical Comedy for the Whole Family

This lively youth-oriented musical comedy ties up Earth’s final minute as Mother Earth and her greedy, sneaky enemy “Grida Profiterole”, go toe-to-toe in a show-down over plastic pollution. Abbie and her friends are tasked with a quest to help Mother Earth, but can they effectively use the twist of time and space She has provided, to turn back the hands of time, for one more minute, and save the planet? High-stepping dances, catchy rock tunes and an important message that will delight the whole family. All original music and a brand-new musical, bound for Broadway; Directed by Fa Abdul, Choreography by Aida Redza. Written by Penang resident, Nancy Jenster. All Penang-based youth cast from local schools and colleges of Penang.

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