Imagine your COVID-19 lockdown without Youtube. We were entertained with quirky comedy videos, discovered new songs & singers, expanded our theatre & performance viewing, visited museums and galleries globally, listened as others shared their thoughts during this unprecedented time together.

How about the lockdown without Spotify, Netflix, or even TikTok? Sounds scary? We think so too.

Artistes and creative-types are an essential part of society's fabric, and have kept many of us sane and comforted during this pandemic, yet the creative industry has been one of the hardest hit with thousands losing their jobs in the blink of an eye.

Which is why REXKL is celebrating the creative arts with REXKL Sessions, a 9-episode series airing every Thursday (starting 2nd July 2020), 9:00pm on AirAsia REDTIX.

Featuring performers like Otam, Nadhira, Helloluqman, SHN, Kavin Jay & Papi Zak, Darren Teh (An Honest Mistake), Wanted Symphony, Prakash Daniel, RESORT, and Monoriff; each episode will be free to air and we ask that you generously support the performers with donations.

Select the artist you’d like to donate to and increase the amount as much as your heart leads you to give. Once you’ve made a donation, you will receive an email notification from AirAsia RedTix to confirm your donation.

We have all been entertained and benefited from the arts in this difficult time, and this is just our way of saying "Thank You".

Follow REXKL (@hellorexkl) on Instagram and Facebook to find out what’s upcoming.

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