Armour and Skin 2019
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26th - 27th July 2019
Dewan Sri Pinang, Penang, Malaysia View Map
8.30pm - 10.30pm | 3.00pm - 5.00pm

Armour and Skin 2019

Under the direction of treasured Balinese musician and artist I Wayan Sudirana, as well as Malaysian writer, actor and director Ghafir Akhbar, the conversations between drumsticks and metal, song and drums, mallets and skin, body and soul, as well as artists and instruments are explored in Armour and Skin 2019.

The soothing calls of the Malay and Balinese gamelans coax responses from the Chinese drums and vice versa, striking a lively varying toned conversation of metallic and deep timbre sounds. Like armour and skin, these two instruments move over the same contour. Both echo, and in both instances, accurate damping of the instrument is crucial for desired effect. Artists and instruments awaken, embracing the spirit of the arts, the natural inner essence of an individual. The Balinese believe that it is this spirit (an ancient Balinese concept), along with a little divine inspiration that motivates an artist to greater heights.

Presented by HANDS Percussion and Gamelan Yuganada, Armour and Skin 2019 is a celebration of our inner spirits, instruments and music, as well as the magic that happens when everything, even discord seems to fall in place for a single purpose - hope.


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