6 & 8 by TAO Dance Theatre
Tickets from RM25
25 - 26th August 2017, (Friday - Saturday)
Dewan Sri Pinang Auditorium, George Town, Penang View Map
8.30pm (75 minutes with 15 minutes intermission)

6 & 8 by TAO Dance Theatre

- Photo by: Zhang Sheng Bin, Andreas Nilsson and Marco Feklistoff.

“Both high concept and thrillingly simple, and proves Tao an outstanding new voice in international dance.” – London Evening Standard

“The two pieces on its program … have theatrical force and authority.” “The athletic control is remarkable,” “powerful drive ... the physicality and momentum,” “extraordinary and appealing.” -The New York Times

“Tao Ye doesn’t think in terms of Eastern or Western where his art is concerned … [his dances] stand on their own, with a quiet, dazzling resolve.” – The New York Times

10 Best Dance Shows of 2014,’the only company on the list from Asia” –Time Out New York

TAO Dance Theatre, China’s most championed contemporary dance company which has taken Shanghai, Melbourne, London, Amsterdam and New York by storm, makes its first appearance in Malaysia with Tao 6 & 8 at George Town Festival 2017.

Beijing-based acclaimed choreographer Tao Ye brings you the two of his “Straight Line Trilogy” Series, 6 and 8.

A ground breaking dance, and the last of its series, 8 has eight dancers lying on the ground, exploring the possibilities of the body movement when it is restricted to floor.

Art is supposed to set senses and perceptions free. Tao Ye asks you not to dwell on the longing for an answer; what you see is what you get.

Definitely a must-watch for GTF 2017.

About TAO Dance Theatre
Formed in 2008 by Beijing-based choreographer Tao Ye, TAO Dance Theatre is known for its mixture of art forms, including film and visual art, creating work that has a mesmeric, trance-like quality.

The company was invited to perform as part of the opening of the Second Beijing International Ballet and Choreography Competition at Beijing’s prestigious National Centre of the Performing Arts (NCPA) in 2013 and again in 2015.

自2008年3月成立以来,陶身体剧场似旋风席卷世界各大 艺术节,引起了各界人士的广泛关注,并成功在国际舞台 上赢得认同并成为最受瞩目的现代舞团之一。陶身体剧场 是中国首个应邀在美国林肯中心艺术节、爱丁堡国际艺术 节和美国舞蹈节(ADF)演出的现代舞团。此外,陶身体剧 场还受到国际时尚界的青睐,曾多次与不同时尚品牌、杂 志和独立摄影师跨界合作。2014年纽约Time Out杂志在 纽约城市每年几十万的演出当中,评选陶身体剧场为2014 年十个最佳舞蹈表演之一,成为该年唯一入围的舞团。编舞家以及创团人陶冶致力探索一种颠覆性的身体运动技 术并在国际上享有盛誉。舞者在训练中不断地开放与挑战 肢体的潜能与极限,突破身体局限与思维的预期。另外, 舞团的巡回演出已经遍及世界五大洲四十多个国家,并在 70多个主流艺术节与知名剧院演出。


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