01 2019 Honor of Kings World Champion Cup - Quarterfinals / Semifinals

Honor of Kings is a mobile 5v5 MOBA game developed by Tencent. Honor of Kings World Champion Cup (KCC) is the most important international tournament in the entire Honor of Kings eSports system, with top teams all over the world fighting for the world champion. 2019 KCC has a highest prize pool of 32 million RMB Yuan (approximately 4.78 million USD), higher than any of the previous Honor of Kings eSports tournament.

2019 KCC is divided into three stages, and the knockout stage will be held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia during July 27th to August 3rd. 8 teams that qualified from the group stage in Seoul, Korea will advance to the knockout stage; and after 6 Best-of-7 matches, two teams will advance to the Final in Shenzhen, China.





Here is an overview of the frequently asked questions about this event. If you have any queries that you don’t see below then please get in touch via chat. Just click the red message icon in the bottom right hand corner of this page.



1. Audience must enter venue with valid e-tickets and identity document. Each ticket is for single entrance only. If tickets holder leave the venue at the middle of the game, they'll automatically lose qualification to watch the game. Organizer have rights to reject any audience who try to enter the venue twice.

2. No laser devices, guns, weapons, flammable, explosive, radioactive, caustic items and any dangerous or illegal items inside the venue.

3. In order to guarantee the safety and the experience of the tickets purchaser, each ticket holder can bring a power station which is no more than 160Wh (about 43000mah).

4. Audience can bring staffs to cheer for players.

5. There is no hosting services inside the venue, please do not bring any valuable items to watch the game.

6. Once tickets are sold, there will be no cancellation or changing. There is no ticket office inside the venue.

7. Please keep in order during the competition. The organizer has the right to ask the audiences to leave if they affect the competition.

8. Due to payment channels' technical upgrading, it doesn't support Unipay right now. Once the upgrading is completed, Unipay will be back on use ASAP.


1. 凭电子票及身份证件入场,持票用户仅可单次进入会场观赛,中途出场即视为自动放弃观赛资格,主办方有权拒绝用户二次进场。

2. 严禁携带激光设备、枪支弹药、管制刀具、易燃易爆、放射性与腐蚀性物品等有可能危害场馆公共安全及法律法规明令禁止的物品进场。

3. 为了兼顾现场安全和购票用户的观赛体验,入场每位持票用户可携带不超过160WH(约等于4300MAH)的充电宝一个。

4. 可自行携带应援物,应援物内容仅限为参赛选手加油助威。

5. 比赛现场不提供寄存服务,请轻装前往现场观赛。

6. 门票一经售出,不可进行退票和换票,活动现场不设立购票点。

7. 比赛期间请自觉遵守赛场秩序,若观众做出影响到选手比赛的行为,主办方有权将观众请离场外。

8. 由于支付渠道技术升级,平台暂不支持银联支付,升级完成后将尽快开放银联支付。

  • Admission for 20 Years Old & Above.
  • Prices shown excludes RM4.00 AirAsiaRedTix fee.
  • Transaction fee of RM8.00 per event applicable for Internet purchase.
  • Strictly no replacement for missing tickets and cancellation.

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