01 Formula 1 Japanese GP 2019

Circuit of Suzuka

The Suzuka Circuit is a thrilling track very much appreciated by drivers and fans for the numerous overtaking opportunities it offers. Shaped more or less like an eight, the circuit's numerous bends and long straights make it a challenging and appreciated track, full of hard braking zones and acceleration.

The track also includes a bridge at Turn 14, offering a unique sight in Formula 1. To view the action at the Bridge, we recommend you to purchase tickets in the impressive V-shaped Grandstand G. The circuit also hosts some of the calendar’s most famous corners, such as the characteristically shaped Spoon Curve.

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From What Age Do We Have To Pay For Children

You purchase advance tickets on the Suzuka Circuit Internet site and receive them at the main gate on site.
Tickets cannot be canceled.
The race tickets give you access on Saturday and Sunday.
You can post them, but please have them in places that will not make trouble to other visitors. However, in the case of problems such as obstruction of visibility, discomfort, etc., or in the case of content not related to the race, we may remove them. Please be advised that we will not be responsible for any damage or stains etc. on removing them.
Basically, to the extent that it does not make any troubles to other visitors, you can use the camera at the spectators' seating areas if the camera is 26 cm long or shorter at the full length (the longest place). However, if it makes any troubles to other visitors or when the area is crowded, our staff will kindly ask you to move the place, and your cooperation would be appreciated.

04 The most convenient way to get to Suzuka Circuit: Trains and buses

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