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01 TNT Live in Zouk KL

TNT making their debut in Kuala Lumpur!

Famously known for their explosive innovation as pioneers of hardstyle, Technoboy and Tuneboy have constantly shattered the notion of what the genre should be through their collaborative project, TNT. The duo have blown past the competition virtually every step of the way, while simultaneously keeping one foot grounded in their roots.

The TNT project began back in 2002 when Technoboy and Tuneboy decided to try co-producing. They already knew they enjoyed working together in the studio but, until then, had only produced their own tracks (using their stage names and various aliases). While making a Tuneboy or a Technoboy single sees just the one who puts his name to the track in charge of the serious decision-making, TNT is in every way a joint project. Democratic to the core, TNT records are produced with maximum respect, absolute balance of power… and plenty of fun.

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